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My Videos

Track day Point of view videos

Trumpco Sears Pointless 3/25/2017 Highlight Reel

Laguna 12-2016 telemetry

GPS Data was corrupted, so the lap times aren't overlaid ... so, it recorded as followed 2:02, 1:51, 1:54, 1:55, 1:51, 1:51, 1:50...

Laguna Seca 5/25/15' w/ Jason as Passenger

Second try with r-compound tires, some work needs to be done with my learning curve, but it's pretty forgiving in my opinion.

P-Tech Open Trackday

NASA Thunder Hill 8-22-10 Group 4 Trial

NASA Thunder Hill 8-22-10 Group 3 Acura RSX-S running last session in Group 4 mixed with Group 3 with minimal traffic at near full limit of Dunlop Star Spec tires. This laps are a about 15-20 minutes into the long 40 minute session that we got that day.

Sonoma 24hr Lemons

10-25-14 Thunder hill wet

Fiat 500 on Laguna Seca with Driver Cam

Fiat 500 on Laguna Seca with Driver Cam

2009 Honda Fit Laguna Seca 12/31/11

2009 Honda Fit on Laguna Seca with Samson as Driver with passenger.

Laguna Seca 11/28 w/ Samson Kwong's RSX-S

Laguna Seca 11/28 w/ Samson Kwong's RSX-S







About Me

Samson Kwong

Samson Kwong

ASE Master Volvo Technician, Photographer, Computer technician, Race car fabricator and driver.

Popular Mechanix Independent Volvo Repair

  • Recertified ASE Master Certification and Volvo VISTA Certified
  • Volvo Automotive Service and Repair
  • Automotive Diagnostic Software: Volvo VIDA, BMW ISTA, Toyota TechStream, Volkswagon VCDS & VAG-COM
  • Volvo Customer Support
  • Metal, MIG/TIG Welding, Composites and Plastic Fabrication


Volvo Technician - 90%
Computer - 80%
Race Driver - 60%
Photography - 40%